23 Best Crypto Tools in 2024: Data, Research, Analysis, Charts

There are tons of free resources available to crypto traders/investors, you just need to know where to look!  In this article, we’ll highlight the best tracking, researching, analyzing, news, and data resources available to traders, all for free!

Written by: Mike Martin   |  Updated March 21, 2024

Reviewed by: Ryan Grace

Fact checked by: Laurence Willows

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Table of Contents


Tool Category Highlight
CoinMarketCap Data Aggregator Most-established and referenced site in crypto with a plethora of features.
CoinGecko Data Aggregator Community driven platform focused on DeFi and NFT market data.
Coin360 Data Visualization Provides effective heat maps for quick market analysis.
Messari Research & Data Offers protocol research and comparative analysis with a multitude of features.
Token Terminal Data Aggregator Comprehensive data aggregator focusing on various market sectors and DeFi project tokenomics.
Dapp Radar Community Governed Excellent resource for discovering popular dApps with multichain data coverage.
GlassNode Blockchain Data Offers advanced metrics and customizable dashboards for comprehensive blockchain data analysis.
Dune Analytics Research Provides user-generated Ethereum dashboards and extensive published research reports.
Chainalysis Blockchain Analytics Standard for reliable blockchain analytics and free ‘state of’ blockchain reports.
The Block Crypto Asset Coverage Comprehensive coverage with in-depth analysis, research, news, and expert opinions.
DeFi Llama DeFi Tools Real-time data on TVL, token prices, trading volumes, and DeFi project comparison.
CryptoPanic News Aggregator Aggregates news from top crypto newsdesks, providing a one-stop platform for crypto news.
CoinDesk News Most popular website for crypto news with live video programming on CoinDesk TV.
Decrypt News Offers a broad range of crypto news with expert reporters covering niche sectors.
Cointelegraph News Provides macro perspective of crypto with highly engaged community and diverse content.
Coindar Event Calendars Customizable alerts and real-time event calendar for upcoming crypto events.
Etherscan Block Explorer Provides a record of every transaction on the Ethereum mainnet.
Blockchain.com Block Explorer Tracks all Bitcoin transactions with additional resources and a learning academy.
Nansen NFT Research Offers NFT market analytics, NFT rarity rankings, and smart transaction history.
TradingView Charting Tools Offers advanced charting tools and indicators for technical analysis.
Cryptowatch Charting Tools Provides a range of charting tools and live price tracking.
GoCharting Charting Tools Advanced charting platform with various tools for technical analysis.
Coinigy Charting Tools Comprehensive charting tools and market data for professional traders.

Crypto Data Aggregators and Trackers

1. CoinMarketCap

coin market cap
Source: CoinMarketCap
  • Most-established and referenced site in crypto

  • Free data on thousands of cryptocurrencies

  • iOS and Android applications in addition to a web interface

CoinMarketCap, owned by Binance, is one of the most referenced sites for real-time crypto market caps and prices. In addition to tracking digital asset prices, this website provides news updates, portfolio tracking, portfolio management tools, and watchlists. 

Crypto market cap is an important metric in crypto as this number tells us the total value of all the coins or tokens in circulation.

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coin market cap screenshot
Source: CoinMarketCap

As we can see in the above image from CoinMarketCap, the market cap for bitcoin (BTC) is about $484b, which represents about half of the entire cryptocurrency market!

CoinMarketCap also provides other valuable insights, such as the trading volume of popular CEXs like Coinbase.


2. CoinGecko

CoinGecko Cover
Source: CoinGecko
  • DeFi and NFT-focused market data

  • Community driven platform

  • API access

  • Web, Android, and iOS platforms

Like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko is another popular free platform for tracking crypto market data. Unlike CoinMaretCap, however, CoinGecko is not owned by a centralized entity. Additionally, this platform is known for having a more intuitive interface when compared to CoinMarketCap. 

CoinGecko also offers a more in-depth fundamental analysis of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

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3. Coin360 (heat maps)

coin360 cover
  • 3D data visualization for crypto

  • Heat maps for numerous crypto segments

  • Portfolio tracking and alerts

I love Coin360. It is one of the few crypto platforms that offer heatmaps that actually work. Instead of combing through page after page of crypto data, heatmaps allow you to get a snapshot of the day’s winners and losers in a flash.

In addition to crypto, Coin360 also offers market insights, portfolio tracking, and heat maps for NFT collections!


4. Messari

Messari Main
Source: Messari
  • Protocol research

  • Live price screens

  • Tokenomics dashboards

  • Historical Data & Charts

  • Personalized Watchlists

  • Governance Platform

According to the Messari website, this platform:

“...separates the signal from noise so that you can cover more assets with fewer resources.”

Messari is another platform I engage with on a daily basis. My favorite feature of Messari is their smart contract (protocol) comparison. Everything is relative in crypto, and this comparison tool makes comparing projects a breeze. 

messari comparison
Source: Messari

5. Token Terminal

token terminal main
Source: Token Terminal

Token Terminal is a crypto platform that aggregates crypto data from on-chain DeFi decentralized applications (dApps). It’s the favorite crypto resource of Ryan Grace, the head of tastycrypto. And for good reason. 

Token Terminal has too many resources to list here. Check out the platform dashboard here!

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6. Dapp Radar

dapp radar
Source: Dapp Radar
  • Community governed

  • The best resource for discovering popular dApps

  • Multichain data and DeFi protocol overage

DappRadar is a great resource for discovering new and old decentralized applications, or dApps. DappRadar is also a decentralized protocol that comes with its own token: RADAR

DappRadar is perhaps best known for its Industry Reports, which provide valuable insights into the state of dApps, or decentralized applications.

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Crypto Analysis and Research Tools

1. GlassNode

glassnodes screenshot
Source: Glassnode
  • Comprehensive blockchain data

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Advanced metrics

Glassnode is perhaps best known for its ‘Studio’.

Their Studio offers a very friendly user interface that lets visitors dive deep into blockchain data metrics like liquidity and volatility. It’s truly a valuable crypto trading tool. Here are just a few of the different real-time data sets they offer on the Ethereum blockchain:

glassnodes 2
Source: Glassnode

2. Dune Analytics

dune research main
Source: Dune Research
  • User-generated Ethereum dashboards

  • Anyone can create any report they want with SQL

  • Free access to thousands of published research reports

Dune Analytics gets into the nitty gritty with all things on-chain data. In order to create reports on Dune, you’ll need some SQL knowledge.

However, all users have access to previously published reports, which number in the thousands. I find these reports incredibly helpful (which you’ll know if you follow our Twitter account!)

For example, here is just a snippet of a report that covers all DEXs, or decentralized crypto exchanges, on the Ethereum network.

dune dex analytics

3. Chainalysis

chainalysis screenshot
Source: Chainalysis
  • Reliable blockchain analytics

  • Free ‘state of’ blockchain reports

  • DeFi coverage

Chainalysis is the standard when it comes to understanding the state of blockchain. Though their main business is helping crypto companies conform to compliance regulations, they dish out tons of valuable content to the public for free as well. You’ll have to give them your email address to get the reports, but it’s worth it!

You can check out their ‘State of Web3’ report here


4. The Block

The block crypto research
Source: The Block
  • Comprehensive crypto asset coverage

  • In-depth analysis and research

  • News, interviews, and expert opinions

The Block provides a full suite of products. From its news publication to its data center, this company has it all. This platform also offers off-chain crypto data on centralized exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini. 

The Block Pro extends upon these features, but this subscription is a little too rich for my blood. 

The free version suffices for me. Here’s a screenshot of the ‘Bitcoin’ dashboard in the data center.

the block screenshot
Source: The Block

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Tools

1. DeFi Llama

DeFiLlama screenshot
Source: DeFi Llama
  • Real-time data on TVL (total value locked), token prices, and trading volumes

  • DeFi portfolio tracker

  • Explore and compare DeFi projects

If you have ever done anything in decentralized finance (DeFi), then you are probably aware of DeFiLlama. Goofy name – amazing platform.

Whether you’re debating which protocol to connect your self-custody wallet with to stake crypto on or which DeFi token to invest in, DeFiLlama has you covered.

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Crypto News and Information Websites

1. CryptoPanic

CryptoPanic screenshot
Source: CryptoPanic
  • Crypto news aggregator

  • Offers free API

You only need one source for your crypto news, and that is CryptoPanic. This free platform aggregates news from all the top crypto newsdesks, including TheBlock, Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, and CryptoSlate.

This site also offers the ability to categorize news, so you can focus on what matters to you. 


2. CoinDesk

Coindesk screenshot
Source: Coindesk
  • Most popular website for crypto news

  • Offers live video programming on CoindeskTV

CoinDesk is the highest-cited crypto news publication in the crypto industry. When the world wants to know what’s going on in crypto, they ask CoinDesk.

They are frequently featured in top-tier publications including The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

They also have live programming on CoinDesk TV!


3. Decrypt

decrypt screenshot
Source: Decrypt
  • Broad range of crypto news

  • Expert reporters covering niche sectors

Decrypt falls into my top 3 favorite crypto news outlets. If you want to get a little more granular with your crypto news and go deeper into subjects such as DeFi, Decrypt is a great free news resource. 


4. Cointelegraph

cointelegraph screenshot
Source: Cointelegraph
  • Macro perspective of crypto

  • Highly engaged community

Cointelegraph provides comprehensive news stories from a global perspective. Its diverse content range makes it my third favorite source for crypto news. It also provides great insight for crypto trading strategies.


Event Calendars

1. Coindar

coindar crypto calendar
Source: Coindar
  • Customizable alerts

  • Real-time event calendar

  • Categorized listings

Coindar is the go-to platform to see what’s coming next in crypto. Events on Coindar include token launches, conferences, and meetups.