About tastycrypto

"We give traders the tools they need to access new opportunities in crypto."
Ryan Grace
- Head of tastycrypto

tastycrypto was envisioned and brought to life by the pioneering team at tastytrade, with the ambitious goal of bridging the gap between traditional finance and the dynamic, emerging world of decentralized finance—a sector we firmly believe represents the future of money.

Our mission extends beyond mere access; we aim to arm traders with a comprehensive suite of tools and insights that enable confident participation in this rapidly evolving financial landscape.


Coupled with our commitment to autonomy, our self-custody wallet places you in direct control of your digital assets, affirming our belief in the power and importance of personal asset management without intermediaries.


We’re more than just a self-custody wallet. At tastycrypto, we’re dedicated to providing you with the knowledge needed for a confident journey in decentralized finance. Explore our live shows on tastylive, take a course in our Learn Center, or discover actionable insights in our blog posts.


The tastycrypto wallet offers a suite of features, including in-app charting tools, live market updates, and WalletConnect integration for secure DeFi navigation.

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