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Are you connected to tastytrade?

Yes! tastycrypto was created by the brains behind tastytrade. To transfer crypto from your tastytrade account to tastycrypto, simply link your tastytrade account in your tastycrypto wallet, select your asset, and it will be securely transferred!

tastycrypto is compatible with Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Polygon, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution. 

There are three different ways to get crypto into your tastycrypto wallet:

  1. Transfer crypto from tastytrade directly into your tastycrypto self-custody wallet. 
  2. Import your seed phrase from a different self-custody wallet. 
  3. Buy crypto directly in-app with Transak or PayPal for no additional fees. 

tastycrypto has integrated with WalletConnect to simplify interactions with a wide range of decentralized apps. Connect to services such as Uniswap for crypto swapping or OpenSea for buying and selling NFTs, all through a single, secure interface.

Support 24/7

If you have further questions, please get in touch with the tastycrypto team at support@tastycrypto.com

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