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Satoshi to USD Converter
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What Is a Satoshi?

In cryptocurrency, a ‘satoshi’ represents the smallest unit of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which is the native coin of the Bitcoin blockchain. One satoshi (SATS) is ‌0.00000001 bitcoin, which is 8 decimal places. 

The below conversion table shows various bitcoin denominations as well as their respective names. 

Bitcoin Denominations

Denomination Equivalent BTC
Satoshi (SAT) 0.00000001 BTC
Bit (μBTC) 0.000001 BTC
Millibit (mBTC) 0.001 BTC
Centibit (cBTC) 0.01 BTC
Decibit (dBTC) 0.1 BTC
Bitcoin (BTC) 1 BTC
DecaBit (daBTC) 10 BTC
HectoBit (hBTC) 100 BTC
Kilobit (kBTC) 1,000 BTC
Megabit (MBTC) 1,000,000 BTC

Measuring bitcoin (BTC) in satoshi makes it easier to comprehend transaction sizes. A US Dollar, for example, can be broken down into quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Satoshi’s are the pennies of the Bitcoin ecosystem.  

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The second largest cryptocurrency is ether (ETH), the native crypto of the Ethereum blockchain

The below chart shows the current price of BTC converted to USD.

Unlike TradFi currencies, Bitcoin is powered by a decentralized blockchain network. This means that bitcoin is governed by a community of peers rather than, say, a central bank. 

Bitcoin is superior to traditional money in the following ways:

  1. Bitcoin is decentralzied
  2. Bitcoin is transparent
  3. Bitcoin is global
  4. The supply of Bitcoin is fixed
  5. Bitcoin has never been hakced

How to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be acquired through centralized exchanges such as Coinbase or tastytrade, as well as via decentralized wallets (self-custody).

The advantage of self-custody wallets over centralized exchanges is that they offer users direct control over their private keys or seed phrases.

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