Your Crypto

Needs a Wallet

Access 1,000s of tokens and opportunities available only on-chain. 

Build Your Crypto Portfolio

Build Your Crypto Portfolio

Swap tokens directly on-chain. tastycrypto is your gateway to decentralized trading, offering access to Bitcoin and thousands of Ethereum tokens.

Earn Yield In DeFi

wallet connect

Earn Yield In DeFi

With WalletConnect, tastycrypto puts DeFi at your fingertips. Connect and use crypto across hundreds of decentralized finance apps.

Your Keys Your Crypto

wallet security

Your Keys Your Crypto

tastycrypto is a self-custody wallet. This means you’re the only party privy to your private keys. As they say in crypto, not your keys, not your coins. 


Crypto Expert in No Time

From blockchain basics to DeFi, become a crypto pro.

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