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Buy crypto. Access DeFi. Discover opportunities.

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Get Started in Three Easy Steps

Get on-chain in no time.



Get the tastycrypto app for mobile or browser.


Add Crypto

Buy crypto in app, transfer from another wallet, or import an existing address.


Go On-Chain

Connect to DeFi apps and explore Web3, all with the click of a button.


Your keys, your crypto

Store and transfer your assets across Bitcoin and Ethereum with a secure, self-custody wallet that puts you in control.

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Decentralized trading at your fingertips

Trade 1000s of tokens with in-app token swapping on Ethereum.


Store and transfer digital assets

Display and access NFTs on Ethereum with support for multiple media formats.


Defi awaits

tastycrypto with WalletConnect is your key to decentralized apps and Web3. Stake, borrow, create liquidity pools, and more.


From the brains behind...


Decades of experience building tech for self directed investors.

This is just the beginning…

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